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On the Internet you can find lots of movies, games and software. Many people want to download them, but do not know how to download them. Why your friends can download the latest movies and games, and why can not you do this? Many people think downloading a film, for example, can simply be done by typing the movie name in Google, click on the first shot is Google and click the “Download this film” and a few hours later, movie can be watched in the lounge. In fact, the reality is somewhat different. Downloading movies, games and software is fairly simple and can be done in many ways, but it is not as easy as I said above.

How do I download movies, games and software? Click the “Download” button.

You can download movies, games and software in many ways. One way is often used to download these “streams” using or using “newsgroups. ” I want to help you on how to download by using Torrents. I think it’s less of you interesting to see how the work streams newsgroups or if you want to download movies, games or software and that’s why I just explained to download. Now let me explain how to download via Torrents:

The first thing you do is to ask: What do I want to download? For example: a film Lord of the Rings. Well, you know what you want? Good. Now you need to find a torrent to download a “Lord of the Rings movie. There are several websites where you can find torrents. I recommend a few torrent sites that are very good torrent sites.

Torrent Name: The name of the stream.
Category: What kind of flow is. Is it a movie, a play, music or application.
Size: This is the size of the entire file when it is completely downloaded.
Files: how many files will be downloaded with this torrent.
S: How many seeders are available. So how many people Seed A portion of the complete file.
D: downloaders. How many downloaders that file.
Health: Health of the file. More green, it is the best. So you should get the files that need to have the best health.
If you point your mouse for a few seconds on a file name there is a demonstrated balloon as shown in the above image, which indicates the full file name.

Choose the files you download. For example, if you’re looking for the film ‘Fellowship of the Ring “the” Lord of the Rings, you search for a file name called “Fellowship of the Ring” in it and you choose one with good health . When you find a good file you click on the file name. Here you can see some details about the torrent file. You can read them if you want.
The next thing you need to do is download the torrent file to your computer.

Click the “Download” button.

Here you get to download the torrent. I suggest you download the site flows “primary”. Now, you are redirected to the site you have selected or where the river is, or you just get a pop-up window to store the torrent file to your computer. Here you save the file on your computer. For example, in your torrent file in D: \ my torrents. Okay, now that you have your torrent file. Can you watch the movie already?
The answer is no, you can not.

What you’ve done is just the torrent download. And they download torrent files requested movie, game or software (in my example, the film “The Fellowship of the Ring”.) So what do we do now? Now we need a program where you can import the torrent file and download the movie. One such program is a BitTorrent client. There are several BitTorrent clients available on the World Wide Web.

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